was found in December 2002. Since then, is a professional in electrical and mechanical, generator service & repair work company with more than 9 years of experience in public, government and private sectors. Experienced directors who pose strong knowledge and great experience in their respective fields head our company. They are very active in their field and involved in electrical and generator service & repair work. We have a very strong team of workers who are very experience and dedicated to their field. There are also qualified and educate in respect of their field. They are trained to trouble shoot problems and solve them with contents. We have experience in electrical and mechanical, generator service & repair work and we are proud to say that we have a good track record of performance in the field of building maintenance and management system. KARA POWER ENGINEERING SDN BHD has, over the years recorded impressive growth and constantly acquiring new technology and experience to undertake more large project in the future. We vibrant growth lies the ability and commitment of its skilled workers in providing engineering and technical solutions to meet the requirement. We have a formidable list of clients, which is constantly growing. Our team at KARA POWER ENGINEERING SDN BHD, has been tailored to be the best in our field.


  • Facility and building maintenance
  • HVAC & Engineering Services
  • Fire Alarm System
  • M&E building auditing
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  • M&E insulation system
  • Building construction
  • Upgrading M&E system
  • Cleaning work
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  • M&E spare parts
  • UPS system
  • Generator system
  • Dealers & Supplier
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  • Pressure test
  • Secondary Tester
  • Primary tester oil tester
  • Capacitor bank
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Our Services

Electrical power equipment maintenance, engineering, repair, testing & calibration services including power monitoring equipment installation & start up, generator servicing repair & switchgear services. Testing services for power circuit breakers & oil circuit breakers, transformers, protective relays, voltage regulators, generator relays, infrared scanning, cable testing, fault location. Repair services for power circuit breakers, protective relays & voltage regulators. Electrical engineering services such as short circuit & coordination analysis, system failure & power quality analysis, power distribution mapping, documentation. New, used, remanufactured & reconditioned low & medium voltage circuit breakers, switchgear, cubicles & high voltage fuses are also available.
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Our Clients Include: