Electrical Contractor


Electrical power equipment maintenance, engineering, repair, testing & calibration services including power monitoring equipment installation & start up, generator servicing repair & switchgear services. Testing services for power circuit breakers & oil circuit breakers, transformers, protective relays, voltage regulators, generator relays, infrared scanning, cable testing, fault location. Repair services for power circuit breakers, protective relays & voltage regulators. Electrical engineering services such as short circuit & coordination analysis, system failure & power quality analysis, power distribution mapping, documentation. New, used, remanufactured & reconditioned low & medium voltage circuit breakers, switchgear, cubicles & high voltage fuses are also available.

Maintenance services including electrical high voltage services. Capabilities include designing, building, installation, contracting & equipment maintenance, medium voltage sub-station installation, electrical maintenance, renovation & maintenance & medium/high voltage cabling & switch gear installations.

Electrical contracting & engineering services. Any size commercial, industrial, & institutional installations. Including lighting, power, security, fire alarm, access control, process controls, instrumentation, telecommunications & energy conservation. Our technical/engineering services provides management, engineering & technical support on design/build, energy conservation, construction & service projects. Full service electrical & telecommunications contractor providing engineering, construction & construction management services for public & private markets. Services include design & installation of of power, control, lighting, telecommunications & data systems, installation of emergency power generator systems, design & installation of electrical systems for pools, night scaping, building lighting & line work, switchgear installation & maintenance, rectified installation & power distribution systems. Markets served include commercial, office buildings, municipal buildings, warehouses, retail, institutional, industrial, data/ telcom & residential markets.


  • Facility and building maintenance
  • HVAC & Engineering Services
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Servicing HT, LV, Generator & Transformer equipment
  • Calibration of protection relay & device
  • M&E building auditing
  • Standby 24 hours breakdown and supply skill workers
  • Supervising Electrical Consultancy Inspection


  • M&E insulation system
  • Building construction
  • Upgrading M&E system
  • Cleaning work
  • Landscaping work

Supplies And Trading

  • M&E spare parts
  • UPS system
  • Generator system
  • Dealers & Supplier
  • High voltage test kit
  • Pressure test
  • Secondary Tester
  • Primary tester oil tester
  • SHIZUKI brand power factor regulator
  • Capacitor bank
  • GHISALBA brand contactors
  • UNELEC brand AC